Enchanted Tales with Belle

April 14, 2013



Anyone who visits a Disney Park, knows that Princesses are all the rage. Heck, even if you don’t go to the parks, you know Princesses are what most little girls like. At the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World, the new attraction Enchanted Tales with Belle is the busiest and most popular place that little girls run to.

Enchanted Tales with Belle is where visitors will interact with Belle in her French country cottage home. Inside her home guests will use props to help recreate the Beauty and the Beast tale. Interaction is the key as visitors can act out scenes, and of course, take part in the popular princess meet-and-greet. This attraction allows guests to take their time, and enjoy their character experience a little longer than just standing in line to take a picture. There currently is no Fast Pass for Enchanted Tales With Belle, and the wait time is 45 minutes on average, so plan ahead!

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One thought on “Enchanted Tales with Belle”
  1. We had no wait at all – of course it was after the parade and fireworks. 🙂 We actually had to wait for more people! Lucky us on our first visit to Disney!

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