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March 28, 2013

Guest Blogger for today, Ariel1236


Welcome Foolish Mortals, to the Tower of Terror….oops wrong line…..oh well on with the show.

Hello everyone. I thought since I am here in the wonderful, chilly state of Disney World I would write on my trip this week. Don’t worry I will be back next week with my next E-ticket ride. If you are not interested in reading the whole article I have underlined headers so you can skip to your favorite parts.


Well I have seen one of the new buses, the paint job is not as bad as it looks in pictures. It has a sleek almost elegant new look as travels down the highway I spoke to a cast member that said the new paint jobs will roll out two at a time, as each paint job cost a couple thousand dollars. Also the new mega buses will be in about September. They are actually having to built new super-size terminals to fit them.

On to the monorail, my husband and I got stuck for about 20mins. inside the Polynesian. If any of you live in the area you experienced the rough weather Sunday. It was not unpleasant, the driver kept up up to date on what was going on and the monorail was dryer than being out in the horizontal rain. We were also in the cab with two off duty cast members, so we spent the whole time talking.


Yo Ho, Yo Oh… this is different. So I walk into the right side of the pirates line and….bam! there is a waist high wall there. When you walk in the right side you make an immediate right and the queue follows a new path. You can see the chess men, and other cannons and props. It didn’t appear to be any shorter than it was previous. There were other not so obvious changes; the mist with the captain’s face seems to be a little further back, the drop leaves you in a dark cave then you take a turn and see the big ship. The room with the ship and the fort shooting canons back and forth seemed to be a little smaller or closer together, but I am not 100% sure. And finally the audio appears to be cleaned up.

Transportation Cards

I have never heard of these but apparently there are 26 cards representing all the kinds of transportation at WDW; boats, buses and monorail. One for each monorail (two at each stop), one for each of the types of buses, and one for each boat (Downtown Disney, Boardwalk, Epcot, Magic Kingdom). So far we have 18 of them.

My Disney Experience

So being annual passholders we got to upgrade our paper tickets to the new cards. So far we have mixed reviews on the whole system. We have had no trouble getting in and out of the parks, or through parking booths. Thing that have been giving us grief is getting on the MDE app. For the record I have a GS3 and my husband has a Stratosphere 2, we can’t get the WiFi to give us a constant signal and there are times the app is freezing. We have told the MDE cast members, and they have appreciated the information. If you run into a problem they ask that you note the time, place, and what you had trouble accessing. Also if you find anything inaccurate (wait times, fasspass times, etc) also let them know.

Well I hope to add more experiences to this list as the week progresses.

Dianna Standen

PS. to Gus, I told Mickey to expect you.

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  1. Great article, I really enjoyed reading all of it. I look forward to the rest of what you write in during your journey this week as we are still planning a trip later this year.

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