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Top 5 Things on my Disney Bucket List

Top 5 Things on my Disney Bucket List 1 Another week has gone in 2020 Main Streeters! How can this be? Christmas seems like it was so long ago already.  I went back to school this week and now all the kiddos are counting down to spring break.  I teach middle school and high school science, didn’t know if I shared that with you.  Anyway, the other day the kids were cleaning up getting ready to switch classes and they asked me how my break was.  So, Continue Reading

Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom 7 Happy Thursday Main Streeters! The Pumpkins are out at Magic Kingdom, and it is officially the most magical time of the year, this is of course, my very humble HalloQueen opinion. Because the park is decorated in its Fall Finest, I want to share with you another fantastic Enchanting Extra that is just extra magical during this time of year. I’m talking about the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. If you are a collector of Continue Reading

The Keys to the Kingdom Tour

The Keys to the Kingdom Tour 10 Three years ago my wife and I got the opportunity to take the Keys to the Kingdom tour that is offered at the Magic Kingdom. I say opportunity because with a 6 year old who usually accompanies us to the “World” we’ve never been able to take the tour because children under 16 aren’t allowed. But with some help from the grandparents and a small monetary exchange we were able to enjoy a 4-day Continue Reading
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