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Imagineer for a Day, Part 2!

Imagineer for a Day, Part 2! 1 In last Tuesday nights article, I was granted the job of being an Imagineer for a day, and I was good at it. So good that they gave me the same job again this week. Last week we shifted some attractions around, got rid of some and added some. This week we’re going to do the same thing. So if I was an Imagineer for a second day, here are a few things that I would change. Some of you may hate the ideas and some Continue Reading

Imagineer for a Day ~ My Suggestions

Imagineer for a Day ~ My Suggestions 4 How often have you found yourself walking through a Disney Park or doing anything that involves Disney and thought to yourself that you could do that better? Or have you ever had an awesome idea and thought that would work as an attraction? I do it all the time. I see the announcements as they roll out and some I get really excited about and some not so much. I often find myself being all like, “ that’s the Continue Reading