Fall is finally here and we’re already waking up to those nice cool and crisp mornings. The leaves are falling and the Uggs are coming out of the closets. Pumpkin spice is flooding the markets and fall decorations are up all over the place. If you read my last article, you’ll recall that I made some changes to the parks and this article won’t be any different except this one is going to be a fall edition. We’ll be making some new seasonal changes around the parks. It’ll be fun and remember, these are my ideas, these are not coming to the parks. So sit back and enjoy this fall edition of “Imagineer for a Day”.

1. Bring back the Not So Scary Halloween party for 2020. Why cancel this? Wait times during the day are hitting up to 2 hours again with “limited” capacity, there’s no reason not to have the party. It has always been a limited number of people in for the party, so I don’t necessarily see any difference with the crowd levels.
2. More pumpkin spice everywhere. We’re going to put pumpkin spice in everything. You can already get it in waffles, milkshakes and coffees. But we’re going to expand it. Pumpkin spice dole whips, why not? How about some pumpkin spice popcorn or pumpkin spice flavored sodas. It’s going to be all over the place and people will eat it up.
3. A live version of the 1949 classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow will come to the park. We’ll transform a section of a park into Sleepy Hollow, New York and have all the characters walking around including the headless horseman, Ichabod Crane and the van Tassels.
4. We’ll re-open the waterparks and convert  them to a haunted water park at night. Just think about riding Cross Country Creek or Castaway Creek in a dark, low light setting with the creepies watching from the sides waiting to scare you.
5. The Haunted Mansion will get an overlay of different Disney spooky films from over the years. How about a scene of the 1929 Skeleton Dance or a Hocus Pocus section? Of course Nightmare Before Christmas will be present. We’ll even have something from the Tim Burton classic Frankenweenie.

There you have it, the fall edition of Imagineer for a Day. I hope you enjoyed reading this while sipping on something with pumpkin spice and curled up by a big fire while wearing your favorite pair of uggs. Until next time.

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