Well, Look What We Have Here – Imagineer for a Day!

Well, well, well, look what we have here. You may have seen or heard the rumors, so I’m here to put a rest to anything you may have thought you heard. Many moons ago I used to write articles for a little site called The Main Street Mouse. And then one day I shocked everyone and I laid down the pen and paper and “retired” from writing. Several years have passed since my last rambling effort, but fear not, for I have decided to dust off the mighty pen and paper and come out of my semi-retirement. Periodically through all my ramblings, I would write a series called “Imagineer For A Day” which was exactly what it sounds like. I would put myself in the shoes of an Imagineer and have free rein to change whatever I wanted to around the “World”. This series was always the most fun to write because who wouldn’t like free rein to do whatever they wanted at the largest vacation destination in the world. So after a (too) long hiatus, I present you with the “Imagineer for a day” series.

Disclaimer, I haven’t read any of my past articles recently, so there may be some repeats in my upcoming ramblings and remember that none of these are really happening, but if they do, I want my money Disney. And also, please don’t get offended with any of these, they’re all written in good fun.

  1. A reimagining of Figment and all of his antics. Anyone who ever experienced the original Journey Into Imagination would probably agree that it was much more superior to what we have today. I personally do not think Figment will ever go anywhere, I like to think of him as the “face” of EPCOT. But I do think the attraction needs an overhaul more in line with the original. And bring back Dreamfinder, he was much more enjoyable than Dr. Nigel Channing.
  2. Something else I would bring back is the paper fastpass system. I miss this system, there seemed to be less pressure than having to get up at midnight 60 days away to try to grab one for a major attraction. Some get lucky and get the highly sought after fast passes, others never get them.
  3. Rock’N’Roller coaster needs to be refurbed with a new theme. It’s time for this to go. I love the ride itself, so nothing there needs to be changed. I’ve always thought that the theme of a rock n roll band didn’t fit the studio vibe the park is supposed to have. And let’s face the facts, Aerosmith isn’t as relevant to the masses like they used to be. One day they’re together and the next they’ve disbanded. And now Steven Tyler is making country music while dressed like your favorite 75 year old aunt who’s trying to cosplay as Captain Jack Sparrow, it’s time to say goodbye and make this a movie or show based attraction.
  4. I’ve eaten them, a lot of you have also. But I will be getting rid of the turkey legs. I’m sorry and I know some of you are probably cursing at your screen right now. All I’m going say is that some people look like Conan the Barbarian dressed as a tourist in Florida gnawing on the leg of a mammoth.
  5. Last but not the least for this weeks changes is lowering resort hotel prices. Some of the time they’re affordable and some of the time they’re obnoxiously priced. I’m not saying make them $50 a night, but there’s no reason that an All Star should be $300 a night. I don’t care what time of the year it is.

There you have it, the first round of new changes that I would make if given free rein. Just remember that these are my ideas and are not false rumors people like to spread, it’s all written in good fun. Until next time.

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