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There’s a new take on the Walt Disney Animation Studios classic “Alice in Wonderland” at Disneyland Paris! Beginning May 25, you can fall down the rabbit hole in the all-new high energy show “Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” running through Sept. 29, 2024.

Featuring a series of musical performances, aerial acrobatics and BMX stunts, this immersive theatrical adaptation at Walt Disney Studios Park offers a different twist on the final croquet game scene between Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Not only can you see the exciting face-off between these beloved characters, you may even influence the outcome of the show during the grand finale!

Here are some exciting ways this awe-inspiring show was brought to life.

“Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” Show at Disneyland Paris

1. A Stage with Colors that “Pop”

The stage setting draws its creativity from the “pop art” movement with nods to many places Alice explores in the original world of “Alice in Wonderland.” These elements, inspired by pop and street art culture, bring a unique atmosphere with street murals, flashy colors and industrial elements to the resort’s largest stage measuring over 220 feet long, 80 feet deep and 50 feet high! Featuring 13 screens framing the center of the stage, it’s quite the immersive experience that puts you right into the action!

“Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” Show at Disneyland Paris

2. Oh Dear, New Music!

To bring the show to life, “Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” will feature five new original songs inspired by the melodies of the 1951 animated movie. The songs reflect the characters’ dueling personalities with Alice embodying a joyful pop style to match her cheerful personality and believing in your dreams. Whereas the Queen of Hearts personifies a classic rock-inspired world of her own and self-confidence!

During the show, characters like the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar, the March Hare and the White Rabbit will sing along to help tell the reimagined story. Live musicians will also rally the audience to create an unforgettable musical atmosphere of catchy rhythms you can enjoy!

If you have keen ears, you may also hear some unique sounds incorporated into the music tracks such as special drum sets using heating oil tanks. These were made to sound like percussion instruments, adding to the industrial vibes and matching the modern style of the show!

3. They’re Mad…Mad Talented Performers!

The show features various types of exhilarating performances including acrobats that make use of seven trampolines on stage, including trampoline walls for aerial acrobatics. Some of the trampolines are even located at the foot of the bleachers to bring you closer to the action! While the acrobats perform, BMX riders will jump through the air and perform tricks across the stage to the sound of the music — it’s a one-of-a-kind experience!

“Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” Show at Disneyland Paris

4. This Team…No That Team

You’ll have the opportunity to influence the outcome of a show! During “Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland,” there’ll be a moment where you can cheer as loud as possible to support your favorite team, whether it’s Team Alice or Team Queen of Hearts. This unique final scene will take audience opinion by measuring their enthusiasm to decide the ending of the show and which of the two characters should be celebrated during the grand finale!

“Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” Show at Disneyland Paris

5. Curiouser and Curiouser Costumes

The Disneyland Paris costume design teams called on the talents of Disneyland Paris’ couture workshop as well as the expertise of several local workshops to help costume designers bring their visions to life. Matching the pop style of the music Alice represents in the show, she received a pop star-inspired look, and the Queen of Hearts was paired with a glamorous outfit to better match the bold nature of her classic, rock-inspired music! The team also spent time creating twenty different modern costumes designs for performers of all disciplines, such as singers, dancers and musicians, that match the style of the décor on stage.

You won’t want to miss out on this unique show running from May 25 until Sept. 29, 2024!

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