When I head down to Disney World, I always look for something new to try.

On my recent mother/daughter trip, we decided to have a few no park days to beat the heat. This opened up so many possibilities for us! We decided to take the plunge and get tickets to Drawn to Life at Disney Springs. 

We’ve never been to a Cirque show, and we thought this would be a wonderful one to check out.

Drawn to Life is a Cirque De Soleil show with a Disney theme. It tells a story about Disney animation. The Cirque Du Soleil website describes this show as “Walt Disney Animation’s art is brought to life.” And tells you to get ready to “set your creativity in motion.”

While admittedly we didn’t know what to expect, we were very excited. We were finally going to see inside the big white tent!

We been given the advice to arrive at the theater thirty minutes early to see the preshow. We took that advise and were glad we did.

I won’t give away any spoilers, but just know that there were several moments on the show that left us speechless. The talent of the acrobats and other performers is top notch.

Ticket prices range from $85 on up depending on the location of your seat. We went on the lower end of that range and we sat on the main floor, about 8 rows up from the stage and off to the stage. We could see everything! Truthfully though, the action takes place all around the theater so there really is no bad seat.

There are several showtimes each day. We chose the early (5:30) on and then got to enjoy more of Disney Springs after. It was a magical night!

The Main Street Mouse