During the final week of operation of Splash Mountain at Disneyland, one of the riders of the log flume attraction apparently suffered a panic attack and jumped out of the ride vehicle while it was operational.

The video was posted Monday night and shared with KTLA by @fatimamusic786. In the video you see an unidentified rider walking down the ride platform after exiting one of the passengers carrying logs.


In the video, a voice can be heard asking the rider wha they were doing.

“I can’t. I’m seriously having a panic attack,” the person on the platform says.

The person, who did not appear to be injured, was then seen walking down some stairs and exiting the platform.

“Can you do that?” a person in the video be heard saying

“She just did,” another voice responds.

The video then cuts to the moment the ride came to a halt, shortly before the ride’s big drop.

May 31 marked the last day for the operation of the iconic Splash Mountain attraction at Disneyland, which has been closed to undergo renovations to be re-themed into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is set to continue the story that began in “The Princess and the Frog.” In a recent Disney Parks blog post, the company wrote this new attraction will take place in the bayou, which will illuminate with a celebration during Mardi Gras season hosted by Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

Additionally, the attraction will feature Mama Odie, who will reprise her role as the catalyst to that magic.

As depicted in this newly released rendering, Mama Odie jokes with guests along their journey after a special display of her magic. The two-hundred-year-old Bayou Fairy Godmother, with her eccentric belongings and “seeing eye snake,” Juju, is comically eccentric, yet wise and all-knowing, throughout the adventure.

Tina’s Bayou Adventure is expected to open in 2024!

What are your thoughts on Splash Mountain officially closing for good at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments! Did you get to ride it one last time? 

Sean Sposato