Disney To Make Live-Action Remake of ‘The Aristocats’ with Questlove

March 27, 2023 ,

Per a recent report by Deadline, Disney is officially remaking its animated classic “The Aristocats” and has secured Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson to direct the live-action remake.

For those not familiar with “The Aristocats,” it first hit theaters in 1970 and told the story of a retired opera singer who left her inheritance to her cat, Duchess, and three kittens. “The Aristocats” joins several other films by The Walt Disney Company to be remade from their original animated format into a live-action version.

Other Disney remakes that are currently in the works include: 1937’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” 1989’s “The Little Mermaid,” 1997’s “Hercules,” and 2002’s “Lilo & Stitch.” The studio previously had success at the box office with its live-action remakes of 2010’s “Alice in Wonderland,” 2017’s “Beauty and the Beast,” 2019’s “Aladdin,” and 2019’s “The Lion King. ” These films were all massive successes for Disney as each grossed over $1-billion globally.

Questlove is most known for his part in The Roots band. However, the musician is also a Grammy and Oscar winner documentary director. Thompson will also serve as executive producer and oversee music for the film.

We’re not sure yet about the synopsis for this new film. However, we do have the official synopsis for the original version of “The Aristocats”:

When a retired opera singer leaves her inheritance to her cat, Duchess (Eva Gabor), and three kittens, the woman’s butler drugs the cats and abandons them in the countryside in order to inherit the fortune himself. Lost in unfamiliar territory, Duchess and the kittens meet Thomas O’Malley (Phil Harris), an alley cat willing to help them return to their home in Paris. They meet several kooky characters along the way, including two English geese and an alley cat jazz band.
What are your thoughts on Disney remaking “The Aristocats” into a live-action remake? Let us know in the comments! What has been your favorite Disney live-action remake so far?
Sean Sposato
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