Florida Lawmakers File Bill to Take Control of Disney Reedy Creek District

As shared by a new report by WESH, it seems a new bill has been filed for this week’s Florida Special Session of the Legislature, which will formally dissolve the Reedy Creek District–the governing body of Walt Disney World. If passed, it would go into effect this week.

For those not familiar, last week we shared the news that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had called a special session this week to discuss the future of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. He had claimed, “big changes were coming.”

According to this new bill, in brief, it would dissolve the district by February 2025 and a new entity called the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District would be created to oversee the property, the assets, the utilities, the collection of Disney taxes, and the expenditure of funds to repay roughly one billion dollars in debt.

Through this method, Taxpayers would not be on the hook for repayment of that debt and a new board of supervisors would be created to replace the existing RCID Board.

Reportedly, all five members would be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Initially, three members would be appointed to serve four years, and two of them to serve two years.

To be eligible to serve on the Board, a person may not have worked in the past three years for a theme park or an entertainment company as an officer, executive, employee or contractor. That means no person having recently worked for Disney, Universal, SeaWorld or other attractions would be able to serve on the new governing Board.

We’d like to note that this bill has not yet been passed as it is still up for debate. However, it is expected to be approved in a special session this week.

What are your thoughts on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the possibility that he may bring an end to the Reedy Creek District completely? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse