Give the Gift of Disney Trivia This Holiday Season With This Magical Board Game

Looking for the perfect gift for the Disney fan in your life? Look no further than The Magical World of Disney Trivia Family Board Game, now available on Amazon! 

The Magical World of Disney Trivia is perfect for your next game night! With questions spanning from Steamboat Willie to Encanto, this trivia game takes you on a journey through time. Play as iconic Disney and Pixar characters while visiting 3D points of interest from the movies, and race toward the finish line to be named the game’s Ultimate Disney Trivia Master.

Even the youngest fans can get in on the fun with special cards just for kids. This collectible game features a unique box and board with original Disney and Pixar sketch art. Play the game everyone will love, from young to old and superfan to casual watcher. This AMAZON EXCLUSIVE version has 2 unique character movers—EVE and Stitch—for 8 players instead of 6! This comes with a Gameboard, 8 Character Movers, 6 3D Board Points of Interest, 400 Cards, Spinner, and Instructions.

About this item

  • AMAZON EXCLUSIVE—This version includes 2 additional Character Movers (Stitch and E.V.E) for an 8-player game!
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY—Kids cards feature easier questions and visuals of the characters so the whole family can play together to their skill levels.
  • COLLECTIBLE EXPERIENCE—Featuring 3D sculpted points of interest from the films, classic character mover pieces, and a combination of Disney and Pixar original sketch art.
  • 2,000 QUESTIONS—This game is perfect for superfans to casual viewers questions covering a wide range of Disney and Pixar stories!
  • INCREDIBLE DETAIL—Includes sculpted, 6 different 3D Points of Interest (like Cinderella’s Castle) and 8 fan-favorite characters (like Elsa and Mickey Mouse)!

This board game is currently available on Amazon for $34.99. This is at a 22% discount from the game’s typical price of $44.99! To purchase the game at this discounted price, head over to Amazon by clicking HERE.

Will you be purchasing this epic game for you or your loved ones? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato

Sean Sposato

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