Jameela Jamil, star of the Disney+ original series “She-Hulk,” has decided to respond directly to some of the online fans who have been trashing the new Marvel Cinematic Universe television series. Her response comes after a mass of hostile fans slam the star online, attacking both herself and her co-stars.

If you haven’t been following along, this all began this past Saturday when Jamil shared a video of herself eating McDonald’s french fries in Titania mode, her character on the show, while standing in Times Square. In the video, it was captioned, “WAITING FOR THE FINAL EPISODE OF SHE HULK LIKE…”

Seems innocent enough? right? Well, this video was met with some male commenters responding how they weren’t going to stay tuned to She-Hulk long enough for the finale. To this, Jamil replied, “lol… why are so many men so upset? Are you all ok?”

On Sunday, following the Instagram drama, Jamil continued her support for the series saying how the show doesn’t “stick to any old formula, and we still made it to number 1 in the ratings and we had a BLAST making it.”

On Monday, Jamil went even farther with her response, making it clear that she is ok if fans do not like the show. However, some of the nasty comments coming for her directly are not necessary. Monday brought an even firmer response, stating how it’s okay if fans don’t like She-Hulk, but some of the nasty and snide comments directed at her aren’t necessary.

“TO BE CLEAR. It is absolutely FINE if you personally don’t like She Hulk. I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some people F****** LOVE IT. But can we all agree that you don’t need to be *so* hostile when you express your feelings *TO* me. We’re all fans, let’s talk nicely,” Jamil tweeted.

This was followed by one Twitter users asking what she meant by “hostile.” She replied, “I was told I’m a diversity hire. I was told I would never work again. I was told we should stop letting women write shows, I was told I look disgusting, I was told I would only be remembered for being shit. You tell me what is hostile?”

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Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse