Outfit your car in Figment style with these Dulianzhen Car Door Projector Logo Light for Figment, now available on Amazon! 

Figment is by far our favorite dragon and what better way to show love for this imaginary creature than by upgrading you car with this projector light kit! This light set will take driving to a magical new height and allow you to show off your love for the unofficial mascot of Epcot!

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Product Details: 

  • 【You will get】2Pcs Figment car door welcome lights packed in a beautiful box have a clear projection as shown in the picture. we recommend to purchase 2 sets to decorate all 4 doors.
  • 【Magnet Sensor Design】 Fit Figment car door light logo can be installed in both left and right doors. It will light up when you open the door and turn off once you close the door.Specially designed for auto modification fancier, it will make your car mor outstanding and eye- catching.
  • 【Easy Installation】 No drill hole need, No harm for cars, Wireless design, with the 3M adhesive sticker. Powered by 3pcs AAA batteries(package not included).TIPS:Please check your car door before purchase it, there should be flat to stick the light and have space to put the magnet on the threshold.
  • 【Cool】Using the 5th generation upgrade car wireless door projector, using the latest high-definition projection system, the pattern is clear and bright. Specially designed for car modification enthusiasts, it will make your car more individual and cool.

Product Description:

Thanks to an automatic magnetic induction switch, the light will be off when the distance between the magnet and the induction area is within 2 cm, and the light will be on when the induction area is 2 cm away from the magnet. High-definition projection experience, high-definition translucent recombination film. The product is equipped with solid 3M double-sided tape and can be directly attached, which is simple and convenient. No need to modify the power supply, no need to change the wiring of the car route, and truly achieve lossless installation. High-definition and high-brightness hologram: Built-in high-brightness LED chip, with very bright lighting output, very low power consumption. Applicable to most cars. It can be installed as long as the underground arc of the door panel is not obvious.

Currently, these Dulianzhen Car Door Projector Logo Lights for Figment can be purchased from Amazon for $15.99 by clicking HERE. Additionally, these lights are available for prime shipping and free returns.

Will you be purchasing one of these Dulianzhen Car Door Projector Logo Light for Figment for your car? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse