Hey Main Streeters!

As I was surfing around the internet, I came across a cool Disney anniversary this year.

Did you know that Disney Dollars came about 35 years ago this year? That was crazy to me! I remember getting them as gifts when I was a kid and spending them on my first trips to the parks.

This led me to do a little research about this rare currency. Here is what I found out:

*On May 5th, 1987 the first Disney Dollars were sold at Disneyland. This became the “A” series.

*On October 2nd, 1987 the first Disney Dollars were introduced at Epcot in Walt Disney World. This became the “D” series.

*On May 14th, 2016 Disney announced that they would stop printing and distributing Disney Dollars. The main reason for this was the rising use of gift cards. They also announced that existing Disney Dollars would not expire and can still be used at locations in the United States.

This includes:

Ticketing locations, Food and beverage venues, Merchandise locations, Recreation areas, Your Disney resort front desk, Your Disney resort concierge, Guest relations at Disney theme parks and water parks, Disney cruise ships and certain parts of Castaway Key, Disney’s private island.

They originally printed them in one dollar denominations (featuring Mickey Mouse) and five dollar denominations (featuring Goofy). Later they added a ten dollar denomination that featured Minnie Mouse. Each Disney Dollar was signed by Scrooge McDuck himself and featured Tinker Bell on the front. From time to time they printed special editions featuring other characters as well.

These days Disney Dollars are more sought after as a collectible. Disney fans will look all over Ebay and other selling websites to add to their collections. They go for much more than they were originally worth, but to Disney fans, they are priceless.

The Main Street Mouse