Hey Main Streeters!

Have you ever dreamed of taking Disney World by storm all by yourself? I recently had the opportunity to do just that and I have some tips and tricks to share, here we go!

Tip number 1-Stay on property. You just can’t beat the convenience of being in the middle of the magic!

Tip number 2-Plan ahead. You will need to make park reservations ahead of time, but it also doesn’t hurt to have a game plan once you get there either.

Tip number 3-Get there early. Especially as solo traveler, you will get so many rides and attractions done if you get to the parks early!

Tip number 4-Spring for a park hopper. As a solo traveler, the flexibility of a park hopper is amazing! You must start off your day in your reserved park, but after 2:00 it’s game on! When I took my solo trip, I would hop over to Epcot in the evenings to enjoy the festival that was happening.

Tip number 5-Know the transportation options. It is easy to get around property when you know how to do it. Getting familiar with the busses, boats, monorail and skyliner will save you time and frustration.

Tip number 6- Research dining options ahead of time. As a solo traveler, you have the freedom to choose where and when you want to eat. Check out menus and reviews online to help you make informed decisions about where to dine, and consider making advanced dining reservations to secure your spot at popular restaurants. The Connecticut Entertainer blog is a great resource for finding the best restaurants in and around the Disney World area.

Tip number 7-Talk to the cast members. They are a wealth of knowledge! Especially if you are a Disney history fan, you might learn something cool!

Tip number 8-Talk to other guests. I had the most delightful conversation with another solo traveler over corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner.

Tip number 9- Ride your favorite rides first. You don’t have anyone else to worry about, so head for exactly what you want.

Tip number 10-Use the single rider line when available. This will save you more valuable time.

Tip number 11-Take all the selfies! You will want to document this time. Photopass photographers can and will also snap your pic, but make sure you fill your camera roll with your smiles too.

Bonus photo tip-I would look for a family or other group trying to take a photo. I would ask the person talking it if they would like to be in it too. In exchange, I would have them take one of me. It was a win for everyone!

While Disney is obviously family oriented, I found it to be just as fun by myself. All of that freedom was empowering! I felt very safe and magical and I know I will do it again. I encourage you to try it sometime too!

Have you taken a solo trip to a Disney Destination? Tell us about it in the comments!