Disney Anniversaries-Happy Birthday Goofy!

Hey Main Streeters!

We are celebrating another milestone Anniversary in the Disney fandom. This month we celebrate Goofy turning 90 years old.

To honor him, here are nine fun facts about our favorite anthropomorphic dog, one for each decade he’s been around.

*His full name is G.G. “Goofy” Goof.

*He first appeared in 1932 in the movie The Mickey Mouse Review. He was named Dippy Dawg at the time but later renamed Goofy as we know him today.

*Two Goofy shorts, How to Play Football (1944) and Aquamania (1961) were nominated for Oscars.

*He has one son, named Max Goof.

*He has been voiced by several people over the years, and the current one is Bill Farmer.

*He was created by Walt Disney and Wilfred Jackson and designed by Walt Disney and Tom Palmer.

*He is the newest member of the Disney nuIMOS family to be available in the United States.

*His two famous catch phrases are “Gawrsh” andn “Ah-hyuck.”

*He has starred in two feature films, A Goofy Movie in 1995 and An Extremely Goofy Movie in 2000.

His candy company makes the most delicious snacks and treats! You can get them all over the parks and resorts and there’s such a huge variety that there’s something for everyone.

He is one of the best meet and greets in the parks and gives the best hugs! You can also meet him at several charater dining experiences throughout the parks and resorts.

Thanks for the laughs, Goofy, and here’s to many more!

The Main Street Mouse
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