Like many of you, I was sad when I read the news that Disney’s Magical Express would be discontinued in 2022. Now what? What would be my best option for getting from the airport to my resort? This had become the kick off to every magical stay. Would anything else compare?

Soon they announced several alternatives, so I knew I would be able to get to WDW, but how do I choose which one? I had a trip planned for early 2022, so I had to decide quickly.

I looked into it and finally decided on the Sunshine Flyer for my first post Magical Express trip. I traveled just a few days after the Sunshine Flyer started operating, so I was very curious to see how it worked.

A soon as I arrived in Orlando, I was very happy with my choice. I got a text from them welcoming me and telling me where to go after I retrieved my bag.

The Sunshine Flyer is located on the same floor as the former Magical Express. The only difference is you go the opposite direction. At the end of the hall there was a small check in desk and workers in blue shirts to greet me.

The lady took my name and resort and wrote it on a slip of paper. She said my “train” wouls arrive soon. They were organizing everyone by resort area. She took me out to see the train that was there. She told me that the airport is working on signage over the next few months to color code the Sunshine Flyer side and Mears Connect sides. Not even 10 minutes later my name was called and I got on with other guests from Wilderness Lodge, The Polynesian and me heading to Bay Lake Tower.

The inside of the train was very clean and fresh. There are four seats in each row with two on each side. There is storage for your luggage and TVs to watch, although they weren’t on when I rode.

The day before I left, I got information telling me when to be ready for pickup, 3 hours before my flight time. I was outside my resort in plenty of time. I was doing a split stay and had confirmation that they knew I was at Kidani Village. 7 minutes after my time, a black van with a Sunshine Flyer sign in the window showed up. The driver knew my name and apologized that the big bus had “taken a wrong turn”. He asked me which airline I was flying and we headed out to the airport.

If you are missing the Magical Express like I am, I recommend the Sunshine Flyer as a new alternative. Check out the website below for pricing and to make your reservation.