Throughout the many generations of theme park goers and Disney enthusiasts, there have been plenty of rumors and urban legends involving the various Walt Disney parks. From the Haunted Mansion attraction actually being haunted, to Walt himself being cryogenically frozen in Disneyland, there are a lot of stories! How much of it true and how much of it is people’s imagination running wild? Let’s find out!

Andy’s Coming!

This picture circulated around 2013 of both Jessie and Woody from Toy Story with a theme park guest laying on the ground. The image went viral across various social media platforms with people claiming that if you shout “Andy’s coming!” to any of the Toy Story characters they would have to drop on the ground like in the Pixar film. But this turned out to be an isolated event and from then on cast members were told to no longer do this due safety concerns. Sorry Toy Story fans!

Space Mountain Beheading

One of the more unsettling rumors involves everyones favorite rollercoaster in space, Space Mountain. The story allegedly is, during the ride a park guest stood up in their cart and got beheaded. Horrific!  This urban legend has a slight bit of truth to it, but the thing that was beheaded wasn’t human! It was in fact a crash test dummy that got it’s head knocked off as it bumped around in the cart’s seat. So there’s no need to lose your head next time you decide to take a journey to the stars. This one is false!

The Haunted Mansion is Really Haunted

Many think that the beloved Haunted Mansion ride is actually haunted! Does a ghost really follow you home? Well, that’s kind of up in the air. The rumor most likely came from another story of people scattering their loved ones ashes inside the attraction, which is in fact true. Perhaps the next time you ride, check to see if that ghost you saw in your Doombuggy was even meant to be there. Maybe, maybe not. Spooky!

Matterhorn Basketball Court

The prominent fixture of the Disneyland park Matterhorn is said to house a fully functional basketball court at the mountain’s summit. Such a wild story has to be false right? Well it’s true! Though it’s only a half court, because there wasn’t enough room for a full court. Allegedly, Walt Disney himself gave the thumbs up for it to be installed. Seems like when the yeti isn’t scaring guests on the ride it’s practicing it’s three pointers.

Frozen Walt Disney

Probably the best known urban legend involving the Disney parks is that Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen and is currently held somewhere at Disneyland. I’ve heard under Pirates of the Caribbean.  Obviously the sci-fi style legend is false. Mr. Disney was cremated and is currently located at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California. So no, you won’t be seeing Walt frozen in ice somewhere at Disneyland or in a cryogenic chamber at some lab. Maybe, this legend stemmed from the idea that some really wish we COULD bring Walt back at some point? That would be understandable indeed.

Have you heard any Disney urban legends? Tell us about them in the comments!

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