Releasing TODAY! The Haunted Mansion Warmer & Wax from Scentsy!

October 18, 2021 ,

TODAY is the day to order!

Attention theme park fans, a spooktacular new warmer is releasing today from Scentsy! Oh yes, it’s a Haunted Mansion release! Here’s the scoop!

Disney The Haunted Mansion – Scentsy Warmer and Disney The Haunted Mansion: Three Thumbs Up – Scentsy Bar

When: Starting between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. PT Monday, Oct. 18 (time zone converter). Queuing system will be in place. 12:30 est

Just go to the link below before 1:00 EST to be entered into the virtual queue.  Do not refresh your screen, as this will cause you to lose your spot in line.  Once you are past the queue, you’ll be directed to the site to shop.  Click the dropdown menu, go to collections and you’ll see the various Disney lines, including the Haunted Mansion release.  Please keep in mind, due to popularity these may sell out, so once you’re in be sure to shop right away!

There’s no turning back now! Relive your spookiest Disney park memories with our new Disney The Haunted Mansion – Scentsy Warmer, featuring frightful fun at every turn with appearances by the Hitchhiking Ghosts, Doom Buggies and even Madame Leota glowing eerily on the dish. Pair it with our Disney The Haunted Mansion: Three Thumbs Up fragrance — including eerie allspice, haunting pumpkin, ghostly cinnamon and sparkling ginger — to summon the full experience.

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Who else is excited? I can’t wait to to get one of these, it’s a must for Haunted Mansion fans for sure! Good Luck!

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