One of Walt Disney World’s newest shows just got canceled for quite a strange reason–one of its biggest show pieces got stuck in a tree!

As part of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, new shows and attractions have been premiering at all four of the Disney World parks. This includes the new daytime “KiteTails” show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, unlike some of the other new shows that have recently premiered at the parks, this show has been having some technical difficulties. Specifically, its kites keep getting stuck in nearby trees and recently it caused the cancellation of the live performance.

Similar to many other daytime shows at the Disney Parks, KiteTails is a live show that takes place several times throughout the day and lasts ten minutes. However, some shows have been said to be going longer or shorter depending on how the kite’s performances go during the show. That is–whether or not they get stuck in the trees.

As seen in the video below on TikTok, as shared by user @thetragickingdom, here is a clear example of the show’s biggest problem to date. In the video, text reads: “When the start of your kite show gets stuck in a tree,” which overlays video of one of the show’s main kites caught up in the branches of a nearby tree.

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According to ComicBook, it seems yesterday that several performances of the show were canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances.” No additional details were provided by Disney. However, from this video above, and other reports from guests, it seems the show’s kites getting caught in trees seem to be an issue that may need still need to be addressed.

Reportedly, this isn’t the only issue that’s lead to the cancellation of this show. During a preview performance earlier this week, one of the shows were canceled after a jet ski flipped, launching both its rider and the kite it was flying into the water. As shared by ComicBook, the rider was spotted getting back on their jet ski after the incident and no injuries were ever reported in the news.

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