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Oh EPCOT, home of all the awesome Festivals.  From the Food and Wine Festival to Flower and Garden, the Festival of Arts and International Festival of the Holidays… EPCOT is the place for celebrating.

But what do you do on the few days out of the year EPCOT is not celebrating a festival? Isn’t there anything for a grown-up to enjoy?  Or, if a festival is happening, what non-festival drinks are the best?

Here are some of my non-festival menu items that are off the main path, meant for the adulting adult who works hard, and parties harder (occasionally) just like myself.

First off, Mexico.  Everyone knows about the oh so famous Choza de Margarita stand added just a few years ago. But what you may not realize, deep inside the Aztec pyramid lies one of the best tequila bars in Orlando, La Cava del Tequila.

From tequila flights to the most flavorful fruity margaritas to Chips and Queso with chipotle salsa, get a Margarita on the rocks because this place, well it ROCKS!


Continue traveling around the world to visit my second favorite drinking destination, Japan!  Who loves snow cones? We all do! Who loves adult snow cones?? Every time I mention this concoction to my big kid friends their eyes light up and their curiosity immediately peaks.    Just outside to the left, when facing Japan, lies a hidden gem, Kabuki Cafe.   When passing by, it is not hard to miss the window full of the rainbow of giant snow cones if you look.  But what you do not immediately see is the nummy, nummy Alcoholic Shaved Ice called a Sake Mist.  Just try it! Super amazing on those hot, Florida days!

Staying in Japan, there is another off the beaten path kiosk holds some adult beverages containing some of the tastiest, out of this world, fruit blends.  Try the Tokyo Sunset.  A fellow Main Streeter introduced me to it and I am hooked.  Equally amazing is the Violet Sake.  Delish!

Last but not least, is my very favorite Adulting EPCOT experience, the Wine Walk.  This usually takes place when NO festivals are happening! Three countries, six glasses of wine and two souvenir glasses for only $32.   My order of preference is starting at Weinkiller in Germany.  Inside Weinkiller there are often various chocolate treats or cheese trays for purchase.  Next, I stroll to Enoteca Castello in Italy.  Hey, they always have Lemoncello chilled and ready to pour.  And last but not least, Aux Vins de France.  On the wine walks I have done, the French wines always seem to be the boldest in flavor.  After getting that last stamp on my wine walk passport, it is nice to finish the night in the French bakery with a nice helping of macaroons.

What are your favorite spots around EPCOT you like to visit?

Melissa Grove

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