Flashback Friday ~ Bear in the Big Blue House, What those memories mean…

Do you have a favorite Disney show from the past? I loved Bear in the Big Blue House. Just seeing pics or thinking of this show brings back so many memories. Anytime I post about this show, the comments section lights up! When I look at the feedback, I realize how special this show was to not only myself, but for so many others as well. But why?

For me, thinking of Bear takes me right back to when my older son was a baby. From the get-go, I pretty much groomed him to be a Disney kid. We watched “Playhouse Disney” every morning, which included Bear in the Big Blue House, as well as other shows like The Wiggles, Stanley, and the Book of Pooh. Wow, great memories, right? On Andrew’s first birthday, I bought him the singing and dancing Bear, which he loved. It was a battery operated Bear that sang “The Bear Cha Cha Cha!” I can still hear it! Speaking of music…. the show had great songs besides the Cha Cha Cha. The opening theme was catchy, but the goodbye song……. ugh. I used to tear up. Sometimes I’d sing that to Andrew at bedtime. Where has the time gone?

In addition to watching Playhouse Disney on tv every morning, lets not forget the Playhouse Disney show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I remember taking my kiddo there, and they had a full sized Bear in the Big Blue House, right on stage. He loved it. Ok, I loved it too. Sure, the characters at that show have changed over the years, but Bear was my favorite. After spending mornings with him, it was nice to see him right there in front of us. The look on my sons face was priceless too.


Once Aidan came along, we still watched the same shows, but they were already changing. A lot of favorites for little ones rotate pretty fast, or at least is seems fast to me. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s just part of wanting to hold on to the kids being small just a bit longer? Disney really knows how to tap into our emotions, on so many levels. It’s not just the parks that get to our heart, it’s more than that. Taking a walk down memory lane, and how we’d keep the Disney fun alive from home, really is nice to think about. I’ll cherish those memories always. I look at my kids now and how big they are, so thinking back really puts things into perspective. Time marches on, but some things never leave our hearts. So what about you? Do you have a soft spot for Bear in the Big Blue House too? If so, I’ll leave you with this…..

Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye
Cause now it’s time to go
But, hey, I say, well, that’s OK
Cause we’ll see you very soon, I know
Very soon, I know
Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye
And tomorrow, just like today
The moon, the bear and the Big Blue House
We’ll be waiting for you to come and play
To come and play, to come and play
Bye now!


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