Behind the Attraction (A Disney+ Series)

On July 21st Disney+ released a brand-new series titled “Behind the Attraction”. Perhaps overshadowed by the Wanda and Loki fanfare, this is a show for every Disney lover. Scheduled to run 10 episodes in the first season five initial episodes were released. It is reported that the remaining five will be released later this year.

The series is produced by Dwayne Johnson (Yes, The Rock!) directed by Brian Volk-Weis, and narrated by Pagett Brewster. Overall, it is designed to spotlight a popular Disney attraction~ tell its history, lore, and trivia. The story itself is told through interviews with Imagineers, Cast Members and of course fans. Episode 1 through 5 are the stories of The Jungle Cruise, The Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Space Mountain. Upcoming stories will include It’s a Small World, The Castles and even the Disneyland Hotel.

My take on this series is that I found it quite enjoyable. Each episode is easily watched in one sitting. We did the first three episodes one night and then watched the remaining two the next night. Within the first five I am sure every Disney fan will find their own personal favorite attraction. Pagett Brewster is an interesting narrator. She approaches the role with a touch of humor that may be annoying to some. However, she keeps the story flowing and interesting. If you are a Disney fanatic, you may already know some of the trivia that is presented but I guarantee you will find something you may not have known. I am a total fan of “The Haunted Mansion” and loved the backstory of whether the attraction should be silly or scary. The teaming of two imagineers (Marc Davis and Claude Coats) and their competing views is what makes this attraction what it is today in all its forms.

I don’t want to spoil any of the episodes with my tidbits, yet I encourage you to specifically see the role Joe Rhode played in the “Tower of Terror” in some of its incarnations. You may be surprised.  Let us know your thoughts on this new show.

Chuck Guth

Chuck Guth: Staffer~ Chuck grew up with “The Wonderful World of Disney” and has always had a love for all things Disney. His lifelong goal was just to move to Florida and work on Main Street in the Emporium. Though the dream is unfilled he did make the move to Florida in 2018 and the inside of his home looks like an emporium with all of the Disney collectibles. His wife, Karen is also a Disney lover as well as his daughter and step daughter. In fact, his daughter works for the Disney Company. He is pretty much a member of any official Disney group (D23, DVC, DCL, AP, etc.). Both Chuck and Karen are cruise nuts and love cruising with Disney Cruise Line. Outside of Disney, he is an Instructional Assistant working with 3 and 4 year old Pre-K children. Both he and his wife are very active with Compassion International sponsoring six children and facilitating events/concerts.

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