Disney Cruise Line: What Experience Will Lighthouse Point Offer Guests?

I have written before about how incredible a day on Disney’s Castaway Cay can be. And I meant every word of it. I have had so many unforgettable days on that island! And Disney Cruise Line will soon have a second private island to call on – Lighthouse Point. Just the thought of it makes me smile. Three new ships, and a new private island. Disney Cruise Line fans, rejoice! But…

If we take a realistic look at what other cruise lines have to offer in terms of the private island experience, we have to say to Disney: You need to up your game. And this is your chance. Why?

The first and most obvious example is Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay. By most accounts, a day at Coco Cay is a far more enjoyable experience than Disney’s Castaway Cay. A full-blown water park, zip lining, swim-up bars and more luxurious cabanas seem to make Coco Cay the clear winner. Next we can look at Norwegian Cruise Line’s Great Stirrup Cay, which also offers a zip lining experience, as well as delightful air-conditioned villas. So even with all it has to offer, most would argue that Castaway Cay is underdeveloped and less appealing than the aforementioned competitors.

So, Disney fans, we still have to wonder, dream, wish and fantasize about what magic (see what I did there? The current ship names! How clever) Disney Cruise Line will bring to the highly anticipated Lighthouse Point. I for one expect nothing less than a spectacular island experience with all the trimmings. I’m pretty sure Disney is paying attention to the competition. And they have the means to compete. Of course, Disney has vowed to protect the integrity of the environment and respect the needs of the culture of Eleuthera. I support that in every way. But Disney Cruise Line guests pay a premium to sail on their ships, so we have earned the right to ask for a spectacular island day.

Lighthouse Point, I can’t wait to enjoy all I am sure you will have in store for us when we set foot on your shores in… 2023? Just can’t wait. Please don’t disappoint us, Disney!

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