Like most cruise lines, Disney offers concierge level accommodations that come with other exclusive privileges. I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed those privileges on many Disney cruises. And the obvious question of course is, “is it worth it”?

I can’t answer that. I really can’t. Everyone’s budget is different, as is their definition of “worth it”. I would just like to share with you some of the perks of Disney Cruise Line concierge, and let you take it from there.

The special treatment starts literally when you walk in the door at the cruise terminal. There’s a separate line for concierge to check in, and a private lounge area to relax in before boarding. Speaking of boarding, your next perk is that you board the ship first, for what that’s worth. You still have to wait for your stateroom to be ready, just like everyone else. But while you wait, you’ll be escorted to a concierge briefing where they will make sure all your wishes and needs for the cruise are addressed.

Next, there’s the private lounges, both indoor and out, which are exclusive to concierge guests. Free food and drink offerings are available at select times of the day, and it’s a very comfy place to relax. Select beers, wines and liquor are included. Coffee, teas, soft drinks and good food are abundant.

Another consideration to the value of concierge is what you might call the “hierarchy of reservations”. If you want a cabana on Castaway Cay, you’ll almost certainly get one. If you want dinner or brunch at Palo on a specific day and time, chances are good you’ll be accommodated. And of course, the staterooms themselves are quite nice and well appointed. A week (or two!) in either the Walt Disney or Roy Disney suite is an unforgettable vacation experience.

Lastly, there’s the concierge team. These people are amazing. They essentially have one job, and they are very good at what they do. They not only make themselves available to you, but at times will seek you out to be sure your needs are being met. From something as simple as bringing a needed item to your room (blanket, shampoo, corkscrew, etc.) to a last minute reservation, you’re covered. And long before your cruise ever sails, your concierge status can greatly help your TA get things in place for you.

Worth it? Only you can decide. Disney tends to be very good at whatever they do, and their cruise line concierge service is no exception.



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