Tomorrow is the premiere of the newest original TV series on Disney+: “Behind the Attraction,” which takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the company’s internationally famous attractions found at their theme parks around the world. In a look behind the scenes of the new series, it was revealed each of the Disney Parks has employees who “constantly” ride attractions to help improve them and we’re all looking for this job for ourselves.

Ahead of the new series premiere, Insider spoke with Imagineers Jeanette Lomboy and Dave Durham about the series and this marvelous dream job:

“Everywhere we have a theme park around the world, we have a group of Imagineers that are there to sustain our guest experience,” Lomboy told Insider. “Part of that is going on the attractions constantly to make sure that we continue to deliver that attraction just as it was on opening day.”

Lomboy, Disney Imagineering’s Vice president – site portfolio and creative executive, said that these lucky employees also help “make changes when it makes sense to make them.”

“That’s part of what we do at Imagineering,” she said. “I don’t think we ever stay stagnant. We’re always looking to the future, we’re always looking to make things better.”

“That isn’t just delivering new, big, fancy attractions, which we love doing, of course,” Lomboy added. “It’s also being true to how we started and where we began.”

The series, when it premieres, will take Disney fans behind-the-scenes of beloved Disney attractions like Star Tours, Jungle Cruise, and The Haunted Mansion. The series will also feature stories from Disney employees and Imagineers who helped create them.

“Behind the Attraction” is set to premiere on Disney+ beginning July 21.

Would your dream job be that of one of these Imagineers who’s position involves “constantly” riding Disney Parks attractions? Let us know in the comments!

Sean Sposato

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