Fans Accuse Disneyland of Increasing Pricing for Wealthier Guests Following COVID Closures

Disneyland Resort recently reopened following a temporary closure of over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the resort has reopened its gates to guests its been receiving criticism online for increasing the price of its tickets and select experiences around the parks, including a $100 sandwich, a $60 ride accessory, and standard hotel rooms soaring as high as $800 a night.

In a tweet put out by the resort sharing the enchantment and magic the resort was bringing back to fans following its reopening, several responded sharing their frustrations over the increased prices. @JasminePoet2 writes: “Sadly, your magic is too expensive for many people, including children.”

@JaneFink writes: “Too bad you charge so much. People have to mortgage their souls to go there.” Similarly, @DeaSheaMj replied to the same tweet: “Magic and expensive. Their prices went skyrocket. “Unfortunately, Disneyland only for the rich and famous.”

According to a poll conducted by Insider in May, of over 1,000 respondents, 222 with a yearly income of $75,000 or less said they either “definitely would or “probably would” take a Disney vacation, compared to 109 respondents who made more than the $75,000 threshold. It’s worth noting that the poll did not distinguish between the Orlando and California theme parks.

Over 32% of participants with children said they would like to visit a Disney property but can’t afford to, while about 23% of individuals without children said the same. More than 50% of respondents, both with and without children, said Disney vacations are too expensive “in general” to warrant a trip.

According to Insider, the news outlet previously shared that a five-day Disney trip for the average family of four now costs about 6,033, including $2,613 for tickets, a four-night stay in a family suite at one of the park’s budget hotels for $2,617, and the lowest cost dining plan at $1,100. The breakdown does not include add-on experiences, air travel or transport costs, parking fees, merchandise or any other extras.

The price of one adult Disneyland ticket currently starts at $104 for a single day, compared to a starting price of $109 at Walt Disney World. However, it’s worth mentioning that Disneyland tickets at that price point have not been available since the park reopened in April. Meanwhile, the most expensive ticket, a one-day Park Hopper, is about $209 at Disneyland and $201 at Disney World.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Disneyland is now only catering their offerings to wealthier families? Let us know in the comments!

Sean Sposato

Sean Sposato

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