Shanghai Disney Resort’s Five Fan Favorites Over Five Years

From the Disney Parks Blog and written by: Thomas Smith

Shanghai Disney Resort’sYear of Magical Surprises” continues to roll on as cast members and guests celebrate the resort’s 5th Birthday through new attractions and experiences, festive decorations and special merchandise.

Over the last five years, Shanghai Disney Resort has reached some pretty impressive milestones. From the hooting and hollering on TRON Lightcycle Power Run, to the nom-nomming at the corn dog stands, we listened closely to our guests and rounded up the top five fan favorites from five years of magic making. Let’s check them out!

TRON Lightcycle Power Run


While every attraction delivers a special experience unto its own, Shanghai Disney Resort guests can’t seem to get enough of the tight-turning twists on TRON Lightcycle Power Run. In fact, these turbo-charged Lightcycles have traveled more than one million miles over the last 5 years. That’s enough to make 40 trips around the world!

Girl with Disney plushes at Shanghai Disneyland Resort


Headbands and plush are two of the most popular must-haves at Shanghai Disney Resort. Since the grand opening, there have been 219 different kinds of headbands available for guests to collect. When it comes to plush, a total of 5,770,000 plush have come home with guests, which is equivalent to 1 in every 4 Shanghai citizens owning at least one Shanghai Disney Resort plush.

"Mickey’s Storybook Express" at Shanghai Disneyland Resort


Mickey’s Storybook Express and the parade has traveled a total distance of 1,367 miles, long enough to cover a parade route starting at Walt Disney World Resort and ending in Manhattan!

StellaLou merchandise


Since joining Shanghai Disney Resort in 2018, StellaLou has quickly become a fan favorite. If you climbed a mountain of all the StellaLou-related merchandise that have come home with guests, you would have summited Mount Everest 119 times! Hope you brought comfortable shoes.

Corn Dog from Shanghai Disneyland Resort


Favorite nosh to nom on? That’s
easy. Two million corn dogs have been enjoyed over the last five years. If all these
corn dogs were stacked end-to-end, they would be able to reach the International
Space Station as it passed over Shanghai!

Graphic of guest favorites at Shanghai Disneyland Resort

Now if only someone can count how many times Mickey has waived to his Guests. Want to see more from the “Year Magical Surprises“? Listen to the official birthday theme song and go behind the scenes on the making of the new cast and character costumes. Continue checking the Disney Parks Blog for more surprises from Shanghai Disney Resort!

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