Netflix, HBO Max May Be Losing Universal Movies to Peacock

April 6, 2021 , ,

Traditional television continues to decrease in viewership every year and as more and more viewers move to streaming services the studios and parent company’s who own this content will only naturally be looking for new ways to make the most off of their own intellectual properties. Although, if you’re a viewer, like us, it may end with you spending more money by having to subscribe to another streaming platform as a new report shares Netflix and HBO Max may be loosing Universal movies.

The news comes from a recent report from Bloomberg, which states Comcast’s NBC Universal is considering pulling its films from both streaming services (Netflix & HBO Max) for their own streaming service, Peacock. For those not familiar with Peacock, the Comcast-owned streaming service launched in July of last year and is looking to be the new home for major Universal content.

The report also states that those involved in discussions say that NBCUniversal is still considering their options and new deals with third parties aren’t off the table, but the company is considering the ramifications of keeping some of their most popular titles, something that if they do choose to move away from HBO Max and Netflix could show a major commitment to Peacock.

If you’re like us, you may not be immediately thinking about what potential titles Universal owns that you might miss if removed from Netflix or HBO Max. Well, a few honorable mentions include the major franchise such as “Fast & Furious” and “Jurassic World.” Of course, at this time, no deal is in place and no final decisions have been made.

It’s worth noting that as far as larger franchises, similar to those mentioned earlier, there has been talk of the possibility for a type of hybrid deal that would allow these films to remain on other streaming services while simultaneously being available on Peacock. Again, this is still in the very early stages of discussion.

Will you subscribe to Peacock if Comcast pulls all Universal movies from Netflix and HBO Max? Let us know in the comments!

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