Luke Evans Cast As The Coachman In Disney’s Live-Action Pinocchio

During the 2020 Disney Investor Day event, it was announced that a live-action version of Pinocchio was coming starring Tom Hanks as the carpenter Geppetto.  Now, the project has another actor signed on to the cast, Luke Evans.  Luke is no stranger to Disney live-action films.  You may remember he played Gaston in the 2017 live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. He will reprise that role in the potential spinoff series coming to Disney+ along with Josh Gad as LeFou.  In the Pinocchio file, Luke will be playing the Coachman who ferries Pinocchio and the other young boys to Pleasure Island, where they are transformed into donkeys.

The Coachman is one of the worst Disney Villains, yet he really doesn’t get talked about much.  He has very little regard for for his actions, greed and the pleasure he gets in destroying the childrens lives he sends to Pleasure Island.   You first see him in the original Pinocchio sitting at a table in the bar of The Red Lobster Inn with Honest John and Gideon.  John is talking about how he sold Pinocchio to Stromboli for a a bag of gold coin, a small bag.  The Coachmen then tells the two they could make “some real money” if they were to help him in collecting “stupid little boys” to take to Pleasure Island.  I believe you know the rest of the story from there.

The live-action remake of Pinocchio will make it’s debut on Disney+ bypassing the theaters.  Disney has made it very clear that they plan to really boost the streaming service with some movies that normally would have gone straight to theaters first.  They also announced Peter Pan & Wendy will do the same thing once it’s released.

The Pinocchio live-action film will be a retelling of the 1940 Disney classic story.  The film will be directed by Robert Zemeckis who will also co-write the screenplay with Chris Weitz.  There is still no date for the release of the film, but as soon as we hear more we will be sure to share it with all.



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