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Pondering Pinocchio

Pondering Pinocchio 1 Last week, I covered some quotes from the first full length original Disney film, Snow White. It was only fitting giving that this year we are celebrating the 80th anniversary of the release. As I mentioned in last weeks post, there is plenty of life lessons to be taken from the stories told by our Dear Walt Disney. I find that the classics are often overlooked because of how evolved animation has become. We have b Continue Reading

Happy Birthday/Anniversary Pinocchio!

Happy Birthday/Anniversary Pinocchio! 6 On today’s date, back in 1940, Disney’s animated feature film, Pinocchio (based on the 19th century book by Carlo Collodi) premiered at the Central Theatre in New York City. A living puppet (voiced by Dickie Jones), with the help of a cricket named Jiminy (Cliff Edwards) as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real boy. Pinocchio was the second full animated film from Walt Disney, the Continue Reading

Ultron Vs. Pinocchio In Today’s TwoFury From TeeFury!!! @teefury

Ultron Vs. Pinocchio In Today's TwoFury From TeeFury!!! @teefury 7 To order either shirt or any others please go to https://www.themainstreetmouse.com/teefurygallery Today, our friends over at TeeFury.com have 2 new shirts competing against one another in today’s TwoFury Competition.  Since the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer debuted with the main villain, people have joked about Pinocchio and No Strings On Me.  Well today those two characters are going to battle today in Continue Reading

How Well Do You Know… Pinocchio?

How Well Do You Know… Pinocchio? 8 Yesterday, February 7th marked the 74th anniversary of the classic Disney animated adventure, Pinocchio. Rightfully thought of as one of the most well-made animated films of all time, Pinocchio’s characters, art, and music have endured the test of time; it remains as powerful of an experience today as it was in 1940. In honor of the famous date, the Disney Insider put together a some trivia from the film. 1) Ho Continue Reading
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