December 27, 2020 marked the fourth anniversary of the death of “Star Wars” star Carrie Fisher, most known for her role as Princess Leia. In remembrance of Fisher, Mark Hamill, her former costar from the intergalactic film series, made a heartfelt post for the star on his personal Twitter account.

Hamill first appeared on screen with Fisher in “Episode IV – A New Hope” in 1977. Following the success of this film, Hamill went on to appear in several “Star Wars” sequel films with Fisher, which created a long-time friendship between the two.

In the social media post, Hamill writes: “#AlwaysWithUs❤️” with a graphic designed to look similar to the credits found in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” which reads: “In Loving Memory of our Princess CARRIE FISHER.” Since it’s post, the tweet has gone on to receive over 349,000 likes and over 31,000 retweets.

Followers and fans commented on the post writing kind messages in memory of Fisher.

“When I 1st saw Star Wars I was 10 and wanted to be Princess Leia by the time Return of the Jedi came out I wanted to be Carrie. She was such a huge influence growing up, I wanted to be as clever, intelligent and witty as she was. She’ll live on forever in my heart,” writes Twitter user @Ali_Younge.

“Not a day that we don’t miss her, but she left her traces in our hearts and in our minds. And as a wise man once said: “No one’s ever really gone,” writes Twitter user @Jaydy2007.

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Pictures/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images
Twitter user @WhiteWolf496 commented: “Every time I rewatch The Last Jedi, I break down when it gets to Luke and Leia’s scene on Crait… it’s absolute perfection (best scene in the franchise) but the emotions are just too much. We miss you Carrie.”
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