Disney Sketchy Tales: The Game for Disney Fanatics!

December 3, 2020

Disney Sketchy Tales: The Game for Disney Fanatics!

Attention Disney fans! Here’s a perfect game for you! Gather your Disney-loving family and get ready to have some laughs with a brand-new game from Big Potato! With many families having cancelled their Disney trips this year, this budget-friendly game can help you bring the magic home! We all could use a bit of extra magic this season!

Disney Sketchy Tales is the drawing and guessing game of telephone sprinkled with Disney magic. Available at Target and Amazon for under $20, create a hilarious new world as you draw and decipher iconic Disney characters doing something a little bit unusual! You don’t have to be good at drawing to play. In fact, your drawings will go through some funny transformations so the worse you are at doodling, the better!

One player starts the game by choosing one Character Card and one Scenario Card and then doing their best to draw a doodle of the combination. Maybe it’s Piglet mowing the lawn or Aladdin jumping out of a cake!

After getting creative, pass the doodle to the next player, who must write down what they think the doodle is. The new doodle prompt goes to the next player to sketch. Each new player alternates drawing or guessing what they see. After everyone takes their turn, lay out your Sketchy Tale journey and get ready to laugh at the turns it took! Earn points for the best drawings and silliest guesses.

Sounds pretty great for the Disney fan on your Christmas list! Get yours today, and have a magical holiday season!

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