Attention Marvel fans! Scentsy is launching a new line tomorrow, June 22, that may interest you! Take a look at the Marvel themed goodies! Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man!

They are offering Scentsy Buddies (put the scent pack inside) and Scentsy warmers. You place the wax in the warmers and it melts and releases fragrance. Smells so good! The wax is food grade and melts at a low temperature so you can leave it on 24/7 and not be burned if anything spills.

But wait there’s more! Phineas & Ferb inspired fun! How cute!

The Scentsy warmers are also under warranty! So if it malfunctions, stops working etc… Scentsy replaces it with the exact one if there’s stock of that item or one at the same price point. Pretty awesome! You can pre-order these amazing items now or order tomorrow on the link below. Stay tuned for more merchandise updates as we see them!

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