I don’t know about you, but for me everything that is going on in the world right now feels like a bad dream that we don’t wake up from.  Every day when I get up and turn on the news I wonder what we are going to hear and what could possibly be next. All our favorite theme parks are closed, shopping areas, most beaches, restaurants… they just want people to stay home. Granted, I know that these quarantine situations are not permanent and eventually we will be back to somewhat normal, but right now it gives me time to reflect on what is and what was. I’ve had people from out of town and ask me what it is like to live in the vacation capital and have nothing open, especially Walt Disney World.  Truthfully it is very surreal. I have been staying in the house except for occasional walks because I want to keep my kids safe, as I said before, my younger son has asthma. A lot of time at home means time for me to come up with Disney content for our following so that they can get a little magic in these stressful times. In all honesty it’s hard for me as well, to try to find posts and such that are uplifting but I am just as scared as the rest of us. It’s something that I do, it’s what I’ve been doing for almost 10 years now. It sure was easier before, I do miss Disney.

I recall six years ago when we moved to Central Florida, one conversation that I had with my boys quite a few times was about not taking Disney for granted and being thankful that we get to go as often as we do. Yes Disney property is right up the street from us, but it’s a place that I hope that they are always thankful to be able to go to. It was a reminder for myself as well to be grateful and not take being here for granted. Fast forward to current times, I had no idea how much I did still value Disney and how much I would miss it if I couldn’t go. Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen. All Disney destinations being closed due to a pandemic, it’s crazy. Things that we took for granted aren’t accessible right now, and people are really feeling it. Vacations are being postponed, we don’t have answers as to when we get to go back to our happy places, it’s just a holding pattern. It really makes you stop and think, because frankly we have time to now.

In everyone’s daily lives, we constantly have places to go and some are always on the move. I know for me, being at home all this time is certainly unusual, I’m always out and about. As far as Disney is concerned, if I needed content for the site I could always drive up the street and run into a park or Disney Springs and get what I needed, pictures and such. Now, that isn’t a choice and I realize how much I took that for granted. If anything else, what’s happening today with the Coronavirus should be a reset for us. A time out. An opportunity to start over and do better. Maybe realize how blessed we really are? A lot of families, including ours, are struggling right now because of small business issues and closures. A lot of people can’t work right now and are worried about what they will do financially through all of this. I fully understand that stress. But that’s where faith comes in and trying to uplift others whenever we can. Send people love and virtual pixie dust because it’s needed.

As the saying goes, this too shall pass. When? We don’t know. Try to use this time for a little reflection and appreciation for things in life that maybe we thought would always be around. Take time to spend with your family and cling to the people that you love to help you get through it. You can still get in some family Disney time by making some Disney inspired treats or crafts, don’t forget about Disney+! My family is all up north and I haven’t seen them since Christmas, I worry about them as well. Plus it’s hard to live so far away from those who you love most. Again, it’s a realization of gratitude, not just for places we love, but people too. Perspective. Little things that would always stress me out seem very trivial right now. I’m hoping that for me and for others once this crisis is over, that everyone will remember what it was like to be without and appreciate what we do have. Take this down time to spend with family, make some new memories, keep watching what we are putting out because I promise you we are still trying to deliver some Disney magic every day. Hopefully soon this will be a distant memory, people will be back to somewhat of a normal life, but we will have a new appreciation. Nothing in life is a guarantee, evidently not even Disney parks always being there to lift our spirits. I know for me, this is something that I will always remember and use when I need the extra kick in the butt for complaining about trivial things that on the grand scheme of life really are not that important. Disney Parks will be back, hopefully soon, but until then please relax and take care of yourselves. Try to find joy from within, find what makes you happy right now and most importantly stay safe. Encourage your loved ones to do the same. Hang in there Main Streeters, we’ve got this. We’re all in this together! Take care… sending you love, blessings and pixie dust. -M

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