Top Five Things I Miss, When I Can’t Be At Disney

Hello O’hana!

I hope you all had a great week last week.  We just go back from a little staycation at the parks because I ran the Princess 5K, 10K and half marathon.  I am exhausted this week and we are also busy at home too.  That means no park fun for a bit and that is sad.  Disney is the one place that I know I can go and cheer up.  When I can’t go to cheer up, I try to think of the things at Disney that I will get to see the next time I go.  It gives me something to look forward to and helps my mood a bit.  I have not done a top five in a few weeks, but this spoke to me this week.  So, here are my top five things I miss at Disney when I can’t get to the parks!

  • Park Music

Music is connected to memory.  Songs connect events in our minds.  When you hear certain songs in the park it makes you think or remember the first time you heard that song.  The same is true when you hear park music when you can’t be at the park.  I personally love the music they play when you enter Magic Kingdom.  It is not necessarily music from any of the movies, but it fits the old-world charm of Main Street.  I also love the music in Animal Kingdom in Africa near the Tusker House.  They have a band there a few times a day and the music is so fun!  Now if you are like me and you miss the music and you want to hear it, try TMSM radio, it really helps! We listen to it in the car everyday!

  • Favorite Ride

Ok I know Rise of the Resistance is amazing and so is Flight of Passage, but the Haunted Mansion has always been my favorite.  It’s the one ride I miss when I can’t be in the parks and I simply must go on it anytime I am in Magic Kingdom.  I really don’t know what it is about the ride.  Maybe it is the nostalgia maybe it’s the theming, maybe it’s the smell inside the ride.  Regardless, miss it all if I can’t be there.   This ride makes me happy.  If I am in a sour mood or I have something on my mind this ride makes me feel better about it.  Last year when my students took their state tests, right after I took my daughter to Magic Kingdom to ride the Haunted Mansion and I felt better about their performance on the test (and they actually did wonderful) so it works!

  • Favorite Show-Festival of the Lion King

I love this show.  I don’t know what I love more the show or watching my daughter do her own performance while she watches the show.  The highlight of my Disney time has been the day she got called to go down and be part of the kids parade at the end of the show.  This happened a few weeks ago and now I keep hoping she gets picked again.  This show is broadway quality.  If you have not seen it I suggest you do next time you are in Animal Kingdom.

  • Snacks

Food, yummy.  Disney has the best snacks.  The thing is you can find these snacks in most theme parks, but they taste different at Disney.  I don’t know what it is but sometimes I miss just the smell of that popcorn or the mixed nuts.  Although there is really no smell, the ice cream also calls me at Disney.  I miss being able to sit with whatever snack I choose and enjoy it while watching people walk down Main Street, I miss getting popcorn refills because I have a cute popcorn bucket.  Snacks are always better when you can eat them while looking at a castle.  Even Starbucks tastes better at Disney.  I literally went to get a coffee the other day, took one sip and was thinking this tasted better when I got one at Animal Kingdom last week.

  • Nighttime Entertainment

Now it is not always easy for me to stay for nighttime entertainment, but it is one of my favorite parts of the parks.  I love a good firework display or parade.  I miss the electrical parade so much, but I absolutely love the Halloween parade, Boo to You!  But on property right now, my favorite nighttime show must be Happily Ever After.  I love the music and I love to sing along.  Now that my little is really getting into the characters; she sings along which is totally cute. The reason I miss the show is for the emotional effect that it has on me. The music brings back memories and that is why it is so powerful.  When I can’t watch the show I listen to the music (on TMSM radio of course) and pretend I am actually there.  I think that the show is amazing to watch. As for afterwards, can I give you advice? Unless there is a special event, don’t leave right away.  I know you are tired and you want to get back to your hotel or back home but go ride a ride.  The last time I stayed for the fireworks I rode the people mover twice right after and it was so easy to get back to TTC.

Have a magical week everyone!




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