It’s Sunday night Main Streeters!

Another week has come to an end.  There is so much going on in the parks right now with the new temporary fireworks show at EPCOT, Food and Wine Festival, Halloween festivities, etc. With all of these new things coming it made me nostalgic for what we don’t have anymore.  There are some rides and shows that I miss a lot even though I love the new things too.  Here are the top five WDW attractions that I miss.

  1. The Great Movie Ride

Just as I was typing this I got a little misty-eyed, don’t judge.  I loved this ride.  I actually remember a time when this ride had over an hour long wait on some days.  If you have never been on the ride, it was a slow ride taking you through different movies from various eras.  I went on this ride for the first time on my first visit to Walt Disney World.  I loved it, I remember being nervous when our car was hijacked by the bank robber. There was also a cowboy scene with the same concept.   Now, this ride was in need of an update because some of the movies that were represented probably are not in most people’s amazon prime video library.  It would probably be way more expensive to update the movies than it would be to build a new ride so, we are waiting for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway to open later next year!  If I know Disney I bet we will get a nod to the former attraction in the new attraction.

  1. Maelstrom

I will never get over this and neither will Corey who is part of the staff too.  I loved this ride, the trolls were so cute and it was educational and fun at the same time.  I used to look forward to this ride on my trips to Disney before we moved and I was broken hearted when I heard it was closing.  Now don’t get me wrong I love frozen, I do!  However, it’s not the same feeling I used to get on the former attraction.  I am grateful that there is a ride still there, but I wish I could ride Maelstrom just once more. The first time I rode Maelstrom I got so scared that we were going to fall out of the building when the ride backed up before the forward drop.  They did remove that so you can’t see the ride from the outside now, that is a little hard to swallow because it did become my favorite part of the ride.  You know what though? My daughter loves the Frozen ride, so if she is happy I guess I can be happy too.

  1. Main Street Electrical Parade

I miss The Main Street Electrical Parade so much.  I was really hoping for a nighttime parade and so far we have nothing unless you are at one of the party’s which is a separate ticket.  I think that is why this stings a bit more, it didn’t get replaced with anything. Now there are speculations, maybe they will bring something back on day, maybe they are waiting for the 50th.  I sure hope so, but we will see.  The parade was so cute, I used to love watching it and I did go see it before it left for good.  Disneyland had a limited run of this parade over the summer.   Actually, it started there first and then came to us here in Florida.  Fingers crossed that WDW gets a new nighttime parade sometime soon.

  1. Wishes

I love the new fireworks, Happily Ever After, but I will always love Wishes..  One great thing about Wishes was that I didn’t need to be in front of the castle to watch the show.  I used to like getting a Starbucks and sitting behind the castle near the carousel to watch the fireworks.  It was the best.  You really can’t do that now because of the projections, you would miss half of the show. The music for Wishes always made me cry too, and I don’t get that way with Happily Ever After yet.  I mean I’m sure someday I will be more attached to that show, but for right now I love it, I just don’t get that same feeling that I got from Wishes. However, my daughter does love Happily Ever After. She won’t know wishes so, I will make memories with her with this show, and then as time goes on the attachment will grow.

  1. Osborne Lights

I don’t think I will ever get over this.  I love Galaxies Edge, I do, but I miss my lights.  The Osborne Lights made me feel like I was home in Massachusetts, which even though I love it here I do miss sometimes.  When I was a kid I used to go to a shrine in my hometown called LaSalette.  It has beautiful Christmas lights every year and is kind of like how the Osborne Lights were except for the moving to the music part.  I remember doing the Wine and Dine half marathon the last year we had the lights and running through them.  I will never forget that.  Looking for the black cat was fun too.  The story was that one of the Halloween decorations got mixed up when the Osborne family donated the lights, and they put the decoration into the display.  Every time I would go I would look for the cat.  Now we did get laser snow with the projections on the Tower of Terror, and we have Jingle Bell Jingle Bam, but it’s not the same.  I will always miss these lights and I truly hope they can find a way to bring them back someplace.  You never know.

Well, there you have it.  Did you guys need a tissue reading this?  Don’t judge but I needed a few tissues while I was writing it.  Now I’m off to go check out the new show at EPCOT, and make more new memories. See you next week Main Streeters!

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