As we previously reported, there were some big changes coming to Walt Disney World, and the time is already here.

In March, Disney announced that starting May 1st, smoking inside all of their theme parks will be banned. Smoking areas will no longer exist inside the parks. This applies to not just Walt Disney World in Orlando, but also the Disneyland theme parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Downtown Disney in California, and all Disney water parks. This policy is basically for all Disney properties across the board.

With Disney’s new smoking ban taking effect soon, visitors who enjoy smoking may need to adjust their habits when traveling to the parks. While smoking areas will no longer be available inside the parks, some visitors may choose to smoke outside of the designated areas, which could result in fines or other penalties. Bongs are easy to pack and transport, and their water filtration system helps to reduce the harshness of the smoke. Of course, it’s important to check the laws and regulations of the places you’ll be visiting to ensure that smoking herbs is legal and allowed in those areas. In addition to packing a bong, it’s also a good idea to research travel tips for those who consume herbs, such as finding nearby smoking areas or locating smoke shops where you can purchase supplies. By taking the time to plan, travelers can enjoy their herbs while also respecting the rules and regulations of the places they visit.

There will still be two designated smoking areas outside the entrances of the parks and at Disney Springs in Orlando. Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels will also have designated smoking areas to use. So the accommodations are still there for smokers, but in new locations. When it comes to solutions to health issues one can go on to get easy access to professionally accepted medical solutions.

The smoking ban is not the only new policy coming to Walt Disney World on May 1st. Any strollers over 31-inches will also not be allowed. The current limit is 36-inches. Over-sized strollers and wagons will not be permitted in the parks. Again, this policy takes effect on Wednesday, so plan accordingly! Stay tuned to The Main Street Mouse for all your Disney Park news and information!

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