Review of the Num Num Cookie

Review of the Num Num Cookie 1

I have been wanting to get over to Hollywood Studios for some time now to try the infamous Num Num cookie, but life kept getting in the way.  Finally this past weekend I made my way to Hollywood Studios for the TMSM Mini Meetup and got my hands on a Num Num Cookie!

Review of the Num Num Cookie 2

Pictures really don’t do this cookie justice.  It’s huge!  My kids originally said they all wanted their own, but once I saw it in person, I said let’s get one and share.

As soon as the cookie was handed to me you could feel how warm it was.  Nothing better than chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.  We started digging in and it was just so warm and gooey.  It was so good, but so sweet.  It’s definitely meant to share.  We thoroughly enjoyed every bite and would definitely share it again.

The Num Num cookie can be found in Pixar Place at Hollywood studios.  It’s definitely worth a taste!


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