As most of you know, we were invited aboard the Disney Magic last week for Marvel Day at Sea. Not only was I excited about all the fun that the Marvel activities would offer, but also because this particular ship is also great for Tangled lovers like myself. There is a show on the ship called Tangled the Musical, and you can also dine in the Tangled themed restaurant, Rapunzel’s Royal Table. I was super excited for both. A Tangled dining experience? Oh yes, my heart was glowing like a floating lantern! Lets talk about it!

The decor at Rapunzel’s Royal Table left me speechless as we walked through the doors. There were lanterns adorned all over the ceiling, it was beautiful. The tables were decorated with Tangled themed plates and accessories, even the chairs were Tangled themed. I absolutely loved the chairs, I want one for my house. So pretty.

While you’re looking over the menu, the entertainment is already happening. There are musicians playing for the crowd, and some of your favorite ruffians from the Snuggly Duckling are walking around visiting tables. Hook Hand came and sat with my boys for a few minutes, it was pretty funny. You can take photos with them if you catch them at the right time, which makes it even better. The menu offers a decent variety of dinners and such to choose from. The dessert choices were pretty great as well. We couldn’t wait to try the food, but truthfully I was busy enjoying the music and scenery. My Tangled loving heart was happy.

The servers at Rapunzel’s were fantastic. They brought your appetizers and main courses while the show was going on, and didn’t skip a beat on anything. As for the entertainment, some of your favorite songs from Tangled are of course on the list. “I’ve Got a Dream” was done by the whole cast. Rapunzel and Flynn of course did “At Last I See the Light” which included lanterns as well, it was amazing. Yes, I did tear up, I couldn’t help it. Our dinners were delicious, and so were the desserts. My sons really enjoyed dessert time at every meal on the ship, all of it was great.

Between the magical atmosphere, fabulous food and amazing entertainment… our entire family gave Rapunzel’s Royal Table a unanimous thumbs up. As for me, being that Tangled is my all time favorite Disney movie, I have to say that I was not disappointed whatsoever. You’re immersed with all things Tangled and it truly is a magical experience. Below are some videos from our dinner so that you can get a better idea of all that Rapunzel’s Royal Table has to offer! Enjoy!

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