When you think about cruising, one topic is surely to come to mind. Food. Dining on a Disney Cruise is especially top notch, and it’s something that a lot of repeat guests look forward to. One restaurant in particular is Palo, which is aboard all four of Disney’s ships. We had dinner at Palo on the Disney Dream last year, and it was great. Last week on the Disney Magic however, we did Palo for brunch, and I have to say it was the best brunch that I’ve ever had. I can’t say enough about it. The atmosphere is lovely, and the view from basically any table you’re seated at is absolutely gorgeous! Palo is exclusively for adults on the ship, and a dress code is in effect so keep that in mind!

When you get seated, your server will come over and offer you a complimentary Bellini and start to go over the menu and all that the buffet has to offer. Our server’s name was Sasha, and he was absolutely fantastic. He walked us over to the buffet and explained what all the various foods were, even the desserts. Everything looked delicious.

In addition to buffet food, you get to order a hot meal, or in this case, two. I ordered the waffles and the chicken parm, per our servers suggestions. In the mean time though, we walked up to the buffet and sampled as much as we could. Everything was amazing, there was nothing that I tried that I didn’t like. We were so impressed.

We sat and enjoyed the buffet food, that included delicious pastries, meats and a good selection of cheese, and there was a whole sweets section with chocolate covered strawberries and more. So good. My husband and I were so full, but more food was coming. The main courses were amazing as well, I couldn’t believe how everything we had was a home run… it was all good! As full as we were, Sasha insisted that we try a little dessert, so we had the tiramisu and cannoli. Outstanding!

Palo is a separate dining cost from the usual sit down meals that you receive on the Disney Magic, but it’s worth every cent. I can’t imagine NOT doing brunch at Palo on our next Disney Cruise, it’s become a must do for sure! We truly enjoyed it and will most certainly go again and again. You can get a closer look at some of the food offerings on the clip below, enjoy!

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