Water Park in November….Why Not?

November 12, 2018 ,

When you think about going to a water park, you don’t normally think about going in November, but us Floridians have the luxury of going basically year round.  Recently my family upgraded our annual passes to the Platinum Plus Pass and our kids have been itching to head to the water parks.  We were supposed to go last weekend, but Florida decided to participate in Fall the day we wanted to go, so we opted to skip that weekend, and headed over this past weekend instead.

The kids wanted to go to Blizzard Beach, but it’s currently closed for refurbishment, so we headed over to Typhoon Lagoon instead.  They were perfectly fine with that.  We have not been to a water park in years.  My youngest son was little the last time we went and he didn’t get to enjoy all the slides and such, so he was super excited to get on all the slides.

We were excited to try out the new, or new to us, family raft ride Miss Adventure Falls.  To our surprise there was no wait.  None.  We walked right on.  So the plus to going to the water park in November is it’s not crowded at all.  We all loved the family raft ride.  It was a lot of fun and we ended up riding it about 5 times throughout the day.

As I mentioned, there were no crowds on Saturday.  There were plenty of seats to choose from.  We stationed ourselves by the family raft ride and Crush ‘n’ Gusher.

My oldest kids, husband, and I have ridden this before, but it was the first time for my youngest son.  He was excited and a little nervous.  Well once he got on, we couldn’t get him off.  We did all 3 slides multiple times throughout the day because again, there was no wait.

The lazy river was perfect after a long work week.  Usually you have to hunt for a tube, but not this day.  There were plenty of tubes to be found and the lazy river was not crowded at all which made it so relaxing.  The kids swam through the river without being bumped by tubes while mom and big sis relaxed down the river.

The wave pool was another fun spot for the day.  The water was warm and the pool was not crowded at all.  We spent a lot of time there watching the kids ride the waves.

I think we did every slide at the park that day.  My kids and husband even did the big one, Humunga Kowabunga.  Even my youngest son gave it a try.  I was so proud of him because mommy was a chicken.  My kids are much braver than me.

It was a beautiful day for a water park and if you are ever wondering if going to the water parks in the “winter time” is a good idea, I highly recommend it if the weather is good.  The crowds were so light it truly made for a relaxing and enjoyable day.  On a side note, my kids were a little cold towards the end of the day.  After all they are Florida kids and it did dip down into the high 70’s and the sun hid behind the clouds, but hey what can I say.  We are already planning our next adventure to the water park so stay tuned.

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