Take the Disney Villain Songs Challenge

Here is a fun Quiz about the Disney Villain Songs from the Disney Playlist blog.

The Disney Villains have been known to have a trick or two up their sleeve, and this quiz is no exception. Are you the master of evil (lyrics)? The time has come to find out… we hope you’re better prepared than those darn hyenas.


1. ♫ To see her is to take a __________ ♫

a. Sudden Chill
b. Bitter Pill

2. .  ♫ You won’t get a __________ without me! ♫

a. Scrap
b. Sniff
c. Bite
d. Stitch

3. Name this song: ♫ Take a little trip into your future with me! ♫

a. “Be Prepared”
b. “Friends On The Other Side”
c. “Mother Knows Best”
d. “Mine, Mine, Mine”

4. Which of the following words is not used to describe Gaston in “Gaston”?

a. Slick
b. Quick
c. Burly
d. Tough

5. ♫ Yes I’ve had the odd complaint, but __________ I’ve been a saint ♫

a. On The Whole
b. I’ve Always
c. The Whole Time
d. I’ve Never Been

6. Which song mentions ruffians, thugs, poison ivy, and quicksand?

a. “Cruella De Vil”
b. “Oogie Boogie’s Song”
c. “Mother Knows Best”
d. “Poor Unfortunate Souls”

7. When Governor Ratcliffe sings, “There’ll be heaps of it, and I’ll be on top of the heap,” he is referring to:

a. Dirt
b. Power
c. Jewels
d. Gold

8. ♫ So Ali turns out to be merely __________ ♫

a. A Con Man
b. Aladdin
c. A Street Rat
d. A Peasant

9. What does Oogie Boogie mention cooking in “Oogie Boogie’s Song?”

a. Snake and Spider Stew
b. Lizard Burritos
c. Fly Frittatas
d. Creepy Crawler Slaw

10. Who sings “Prince Ali (Reprise)?”

a. Aladdin
b. Genie
c. Jafar
d. Jasmine

11. Which lyric is not in “Mine, Mine, Mine?”

a. Dig And Dig And Diggety-Dig
b. Hey Nonny Nonny Nonny It’s Mine
c. In A Land I Can Claim, A Land I Can Tame
d. On The Beaches Of Virginie, There’s Diamonds Like Debris

12. What is clear from the hyenas’ vacant expressions?

a. The Lights Are Not All On Upstairs
b. Scar’s Words Are A Matter Of Pride
c. They’re Prepared For Sensational News
d. The Future Is LItered With Prizes

13. As a specimen, Gaston is __________.

a. Admired
b. Fantastic
c. Intimidating
d. Expectorating




1. a. Sudden Chill
2. b. Sniff
3. b. “Friends On The Other Side”
4. d. Tough
5. a. On The Whole
6. c. “Mother Knows Best”
7. d. Gold
8. b. Aladdin
9. a. Snake and Spider Stew
10. c. Jafar
11. d. On The Beaches Of Virginie, There’s Diamonds Like Debris
12. a. The Lights Are Not All On Upstairs
13. c. Intimidating

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