New Merchandise Hits Today! Kate Spade & Spirit Jerseys!

This morning some fabulous new merchandise hit Walt Disney World and our merchandise reporter Lindsey was on the scene!  The new Walt quote Kate Spade bags are available now! There are a few different styles to choose from, let’s take a look.

In addition to the new Kate Spade bags, new Spirit Jerseys also hit today. One is a fuzzy sweater material and the other has sparkly lettering!

Holiday hats too!

These new arrivals were seen and photographed at Disney Springs. They may be available at other locations. If you’re looking for additional info or need these great items picked up for yourself, contact MouseAholic Shopping Services! You can find them on both Facebook and Instagram! Thanks goes out to Lindsey for getting out there early today to get the scoop for us! As the holidays get closer there will be more to report! Stay tuned and happy shopping!

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