Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach ~ Make Your Own!

Cute and easy to do!


Fall is here, and I know people like to get ideas a little early on decorating and such. Here’s a cute idea from Disney Family, on how you can make your own Cinderella Pumpkin Coach!

What You’ll Need

White pumpkin with stem
Pumpkin carving tools: knife, scoop, surface carver, awl
Acrylic paint: pearly light blue, metallic gold
Scraps of pink satin fabric
Straight pins
Floral stem wire: green, gold
Flameless votive candle

How To Make It

Gently clean a white pumpkin, removing any surface dirt. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds and strings.

Paint the pumpkin with 2-3 coats of pearly, light blue (almost white) acrylic paint. Paint the stem a metallic gold. Allow to dry completely.

Make the door. Surface carve an oval with a line through the center. The pumpkin flesh is naturally a golden color, so you don’t have to paint it. Carve out a window in the top half of the door. Paint a “C” with a crest around it in the center of the door’s bottom half.

Cut out two small rectangles of pink satin fabric. The rectangles used were about 1.5″ x 2.5″ but that may vary a bit for your pumpkin. Use straight pins to attach the fabric to the inside of the window.

Use another straight pin to hold the curtain to the side. Trim excess fabric. Attach a curtain to the other side.

Use floral stem wire to make the wheels. Curl one side, making a curly “6” shape. The two front wheels should be curled more tightly than the two back wheels so that the two front wheels look slightly smaller than the back wheels.

To make the driver’s seat, cut off about 10″ of gold floral wire. Fold it in half. Leave about a 1-inch loop and twist the rest of the wire together. Then, bend the wire so it has a backwards S-curve.

You can push the floral wire wheels and driver’s seat directly into the pumpkin to attach them, or use an awl to poke holes into the pumpkin before inserting the wheels and seat. Touch up any paint that flaked off while adding the details.

Place pumpkin over a flameless candle (please use a flameless votive because of the fabric curtains – you don’t want to risk them catching on fire!). Adjust the wheels, making sure they are curling over and down from the top.

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