This past weekend we had the opportunity to attend the Return To Sleepy Hollow event at Fort Wilderness.  For those that don’t know, this event allows you the opportunity to meet The Headless Horseman.  This has been on my family’s bucket list for a very long time.  We absolutely love The Headless Horseman and it’s the main reason we go to the Halloween Party each year, just to catch a glimpse of him coming down Main Street.

My daughter’s birthday was this past weekend, so we decided instead of a party or fancy dinner, this would be her birthday  gift.  We decided to splurge and do the Ultimate package.  The event is sold in three tiers.  There is the basic package, Premium, and Ultimate.  The Ultimate package, the one we chose included the dessert party, a limited edition pin, a lunch bag filled with candy, a souvenir cup, a lanyard, and priority access for your photo with The Headless Horseman.  The Ultimate Package also had reserved seating within the first 5 rows of the venue.  The Premium package included the goody bag and pin, and reserved seating in the next 6-10 rows with secondary access to a photo with the Headless Horseman.  The Basic package gave you access to watch the movie and get a pic with the Headless Horseman once the Premium and Ultimate packages were finished with their pictures.

The event itself is held inside the stables at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch.  You check in at the entrance to the barn where they immediately take your picture and then give you your goody bags and direct you to your seats to watch the movie.  They also provided popcorn and water upon entering.

On our way to our seats they had the actual carriage out from the Haunted Mansion movie.  It was really cool to see.

You are seated in the center of the barn in between all the horses.  It’s a really cool experience and adds to the excitement of the event hearing the horses in the background and the lighting is dark so it just adds to the spookiness of the event.  In front of you is the screen where you will watch the movie, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

The movie is only about 30 minutes long and for me was just the right length because I really just wanted to see The Headless Horseman.  When the movie finally ended, the screen began to lift and there he was, The Headless Horseman.  What a breathtaking sight to see him up close.  You could here the gasps from the crowd and everyone was eager to meet him.  The staff then escorts you by rows to take your turn getting your picture with The Headless Horseman.  They don’t rush you and you have plenty of time to just look at him up close without him galloping past you.

We could not stop staring at him or his beautiful horse.  It was just so amazing.  One of the coolest Disney meets we’ve ever done.  He was just so massive and I could’ve stood and stared at him all night if they let me, but we still had a dessert party to get to so we took a few final peeks and headed over to the dessert party.

We headed over to the Blacksmith area where the dessert party was held.  I will say, if I’m being honest, it was much smaller than most Disney dessert parties I’ve been too. There were only sweet options offered no fruits or cheeses or savory items that we are used to seeing at other dessert parties.

The desserts that were included were Candied Apple Mousse, assortment of Almond Meringue Cookies, Coconut Hay Bales, Red Velvet cupcakes, Turtle Brownies, Banana Cream Pie Chocolate Boot, and Pumpkin Spice Smores.  Along with dessert they did offer apple infused water, regular water, lemonade and iced tea as well as Red and White wine.

All in all our entire family gave this event two thumbs up.  It was absolutely amazing and will most likely do this again if it’s offered next year.  I will say this event books up fast because it’s very limited seating within the stables so you must book this event early.  I believe they released the information about this event last March and we booked it in June or July.  I’m not sure if there is still availability this season, but you can call 407-WDW-TOUR to find out.  If you are a big fan of The Headless Horseman like my family is, I highly recommend this event to you!  It was AMAZING!


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