There’s something cooking at the Disney Store this month. Disney Eats has been holding demonstrations in every Disney Store during the month of September. Each Saturday, at 3:00pm, a cast member leads the group in a hands on demonstration using the new line of Disney Eat cooking utensils. Since there are no ovens, the kids make sticky dough from flour, salt, and water.

I decided to take my two daughters, ages 3 and 5, this past Saturday to check it out for ourselves. They had an absolute blast! The cast member starts by handing out special chef hats to all of the kids participating. All of the products and utensils are laid out for everyone to see. Using the Mickey measuring cups, the ingredients are poured into the mixing bowls. The kids then take turns with the whisks, mixing all of the ingredients together to form the dough. The bowls are passed around so everyone gets a chance. The joy on every kid’s face as they helped create their dough, made the store light up.

The real fun happens once the dough is finished being mixed. Gloves and cookie cutter are passed out. The cookie cutters are extremely cute, and inspired by Minnie Mouse and some of the Disney princesses. The dough is pretty much the worlds stickiest play dough. The girls loved filling the cutters with the dough and making their favorite character shapes. I would strongly recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and if your kids have long hair wear it up or pulled back.

This upcoming Saturday, September 29, is the last day to participate. It is a uniquely fun experience, and a great way to get your kids involved in cooking. If you do not have a Disney Store near you, all of the products featured can be found on the shop Disney app and website. A link will be provided. The Disney Store holds events like this throughout the year. Next month on Saturdays at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm, Haunted Halloween Parties will take place. Spots are limited so call the store to reserve your time slots.


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