Updates Coming to Via Napoli in World Showcase!

Recap, in case you missed it!

Yesterday we decided to take a break from our crazy schedules, and go to dinner at Via Napoli at the Italy Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase.  Via Napoli is a guest favorite, and it had been awhile since we’ve been there, we were overdue for a visit!

One complaint that we seem to bring up a lot since moving to Florida, is the lack of GOOD pizza down here.  Well, Via Napoli is a solution to that problem indeed, their pizza is wonderful.  We ordered bread, salad and pizza for our meal. I had the red sangria, but white sangria is also an option!

Everything that we ordered was delicious! If you’re an annual passholder you can also use your discount to save a little bit of money, which is always a good thing. When we were done eating, John, the manager on the scene, gave us a little tour and told us of some updates that are coming this week. Via Napoli has expanded their kitchen, to give their chefs more room to prepare their amazing food! Also, this will help on turn around time, so that people won’t have to wait as long for their meals. He had stated, the goal is to give guests quality food with shorter wait times. This will allow people to enjoy their dinner, then get back to the park a little faster.

Speaking of more room, an addition is being put on the back of the restaurant. Roughly 100 more seats will be available to accommodate more guests during their peak times. We were given a look at the new dining room, and it’s really nice. That area is blocked off currently but will be opening very soon.

Another tidbit of information…. the menu is also getting an update! Pizza is still their main focus, but additional dishes are also available. Due to customer requests, a gluten free list of food options will be coming as well. Most things will remain the same at Via Napoli, there are just a few updates that they felt were needed to better serve hungry guests. So, the next time you’re visiting Via Napoli at Epcot, your experience should be enhanced just a little bit more, even though it was already a great place to eat. Enjoy!

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