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It’s been awhile, so we’re due for our next round of “Don’t be That Guy at Disney!” For those who are new to the series… “that guy” is someone who we’ve all seen at some point… or maybe we’ve BEEN that guy a time or two! These blogs are all in good fun, of course, and aren’t meant to offend! I have some of my own observations, as well as got some Main Streeter feedback, so let’s get to it! Have you seen “that guy” at Disney? Read on to find out!

The Cellular Statue of Liberty Guy~ Yes, selfie sticks are banned, thank goodness… however, a new guy has popped up in it’s place. This guy stands at parades and shows, with their cell phone in their hand, arm fully extended like Lady Liberty. Not only is this extremely annoying to those behind this guy, you have to wonder, doesn’t their arm hurt after a few minutes? Eye level pics are less painful and are courteous to the people behind you! Don’t be that guy!

The “Who Me?” Guy~ I’m sure you’ve seen this guy. Here’s the setup: This guy is busy eating an ice cream cone, talking up a storm, when all of a sudden, said ice cream drops on the ground. Instead of cleaning it up, they give the Cast Members the “who, me?” look at walk away. Yes, YOU. We saw you make a mess, don’t leave it for someone else to clean up! The CM’s would appreciate it I’m sure!

The Need for Censorship Guy~ Ok, this one isn’t funny, it’s actually pretty disturbing. Last week at the Magic Kingdom, there was a woman on a scooter screaming obscenities at her daughter. Not just certain words, she was loudly saying the mother of all swear words (think A Christmas Story) right in the middle of Frontierland. Please. No one wants to hear you yelling about an “effing” popcorn bucket or anything of the sort. It’s a family park, keep that in mind, and for the love of Mickey, don’t be that guy/girl!

The “what park am I in” Guy~ This guy…. bless his heart… is just confused I think. My kids even pick up on this one and elbow me when they hear it. It can be as simple as someone saying “I’m excited to be at Disneyland” on the tram to the Magic Kingdom, a person saying they are excited for the fireworks at Animal Kingdom, to someone looking for Space Mountain at Epcot. I think this guys deserves a free pass though, as WDW is pretty big and if you’re not familiar, can get a bit overwhelming.

Main Streeter “that guy” input~

Rosalia Scalici-Bou~ Don’t be the guy who stands in a handicap parking space saving it for his girlfriend/wife to drive in with the handicap pass..yep that happened!

Amanda Connerton~ Last minute parade sitter guy who assumes that you, as someone who has been sitting in your spot for an hour or more, are obligated to move for them to sit up front or remain sitting for the duration of the parade.

Sara Hurst~ I had a don’t be that guy or girl moment today. A younger couple was in front of me in line for Little Mermaid at MK and they were all over each other. It’s uncomfortable, but happens. But then the younger girl, turns to her friend, also a girl, and they start making out. I felt like I was in a bad adult film that I couldn’t turn off! I wanted to shield everyone’s eyes lol.

Linda Brunet~ We saw a mom changing a baby on a seat at All Star Movies food court. Yuk!

Missy Reist~ I’m sure it’s been said a hundred times but the line cutters… Oh my lord. In DL Thanksgiving week, the lines seemed pretty short until a bajillion families, friends, etc. kept pushing through the whole line to get to the one single person holding the spot for them all. Made the wait time so much longer and I had a hard time not getting bitter every time more people passed us.

Lauren Elizabeth Vincent~ Don’t scream at or cuss out CMs for policies they can’t control. If it is something they can bend the rule on, they will, but if it is a company policy, it is out of their control. They’re doing what they are told to do. They don’t make the policies and they don’t won’t to lose their jobs.

Jayne May~ We saw eBay buyers at Hollywood studios last night. They held up the line for 20 min and bought 5 of everything. The cast member was asking why she was buying 5 when there were only 2 of them and she said she had triplets(they had no stroller or kids with them). They had giant Disney shopping bags ready to be filled and the guy had these huge climbing hooks that would hold all the bags. They paid with gift card so they can’t be tracked. She was so rude to the cast members too. Sad to see it in action.

Well, that’s it for this round. As always, I think that it boils down to common courtesy for your fellow Disney goer. We’re all wanting to enjoy our happy place, and being polite to those around you goes a long, long way! What about you? Have you seen “that guy” or have you actually been “that guy?” Write in and tell us about it! Thanks for the input, and remember, have fun, but don’t be “that guy” at Disney!

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